Alphabet Zoo – Pat and Martha (EBook)

Young ones can now learn the ABCs while appreciationg actual photographed animals around the world. From Alligator to Zebra, Alphabet Zoo offers fun-filled poems and delightfull images that make learning the alphabet enjoyable, lively and engaging. Indeed, kids will know more about the animal kingdom – their natural habitat, unique features and characteristics. Also included in the book (a “lagniappe”) are nuggets of animal facts – did you know a Bison can run 40 miles an hour? Dolphin mothers also cuddle their young and many more!

Get to see twenty-six animals represent the letters of the alphabet with an extra touch of educational fun. Each page is a blend of vivid photography and playful writing, as there’s a sense of rhythm and rhyme that makes these poems a pleasure to read aloud for kids. This delightful informational photo book has all parents ask for – colorful alphabet letters, fun facts and bright, eye-catching images of amphibians, mammals, reptiles and birds. Authors Pat and Martha bring the animal kingdom to life while little ones learn how to read and recognize every wildlife.