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Who are we?

With thousands of authors and millions of manuscript submission – fact prevails that many are rejected, unopened, blocked and with worst criticisms, leaving these hopeful, talented and passionate authors de–motivated which turned off their flares and completely set aside the gift they once unveiled. As worldwide trade publications are now dependent on agencies who do the best recommendations for them, we take this responsibility to have your books Recommended to the main investors such as bookstore owners, libraries, global news and media outlets and decision-makers.

As a Dedicated company we develop a strong foundation by building your network of connections with trust and confidence.

AEGA brings over two decades of experience in military civil engineering industry providing project management and quality control services to various contracts within the US/NATO Military Bases. Backed by our intensive knowledge and expertise, AEGA provides services from proposal or bidding stage, facilitate design requirements, pre-construction preparation to construction stage supervision, follow up and handing over. Essentially, we can walk you through the process from bidding stage to project handing over.

AEGA is a family business supported by our Head Consultant who brings a decade of intensive experience and expertise in the Publishing industry and our valued Investors. With our combined effort, we have established the self-publishing division with its main goal of supporting the aspiring authors bring the message to their target readers and realize their goals through our personalized strategic approach. Over time, AEGA gained trust and loyalty from our authors and extended our services to veteran ones. AEGA is a family of “workers”, hence, our beloved authors receive dedicated, personalized and customized services catering to their specific needs. We adapt to globalization technology and partnered with a company having worldwide network of online book sellers, retailers and bookstores ensuring that your books go live before or within the agreed timeline.

We take pride to announce that most books were published BEFORE the agreed duration!

How do we operate?

AEGA Services & Solutions SRL Romania handles the Operations, while the final project is published by AEGA Design Publishing Ltd UK. Both are owned by one AEGA family.
Our assurance is our commitment that your book sits in good hands and we deliver more than what you have signed for. Thanks to the evolution of technology, we are able to support our authors make their hardwork surface over millions of books through worldwide web press release and on-line branding and publicity. As generic as it is, there are no other words more valuable than this that AEGA can diligently and honestly commit. Anything beyond is just fantasy and not a goal.

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“We uphold the majority of Author’s goals to be traditionally published. With our Consulting expertise, we bridge the gap between the authors, especially the self-published authors, with book publishing and literary agents and by our connections, we collaborate with the main structure of this industry”.

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