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We are a division that aims to promote and sustain the “Value of Books“ to support our Valued Authors of every category, from newly launched to veterans. With great passion to the publishing industry, our experienced Consultants and Agents take leadership in augmenting the great potential of every talented authors by offering them local to International Book launching and publications.

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“We uphold the majority of Author’s goals to be traditionally published. With our Consulting expertise, we bridge the gap between the authors, especially the self-published authors, with book publishing and literary agents and by our connections, we collaborate with the main structure of this industry”.

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With thousands of authors and millions of manuscript submission – fact prevails that many are rejected, unopened, blocked and with worst criticisms, leaving these hopeful, talented and passionate authors de–motivated which turned off their flares and completely set aside the gift they once unveiled. As worldwide trade publications are now dependent on agencies who do the best recommendations for them, we take this responsibility to have your books Recommended to the main investors such as bookstore owners, libraries, global news and media outlets and decision-makers.

As a Dedicated company we develop a strong foundation by building your network of connections with trust and confidence.

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