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Appreciating Children’s Laughter & Innocence

“Through Pat’s vivid photography and Martha’s vivid images, we see the world as both simpler and more beautiful. A smile, a laugh, and a child’s beautiful eyes translate across all cultures and languages. This book is truly a gift”
– DeAnza Duron, creator of the “Best Buddies” children’s series.

Purity, wonder, and joy—these are the qualities that resonate in Chapman and Ellis’ photos and poetry collection, “They Laugh in My Language.” It’s an exceptional book blended with free-verse poems and snapshots of children, which shine a most unifying fact: laughter transcends beyond any language. In such enthralling ways, children possess something that most adults have often neglected and already forgotten. Whether they daydream, splash in the fountain, or learn something new, these little souls share a fascination with their everyday existence that is always very fresh to them. It’s a simple yet charming testament of young children who are honest to themselves, courageous in risk, and playful with their imagination.

Capturing the sheer beauty of a child’s eyes, laughter, and smile, Pat and Martha’s vibrant images depict a simple, sincere, and poetic piece of literature. What emerges is a gentle rediscovery of the most innocent truths of our humanity, a flowing richness of child-like wonder and natural emotional hues. In travels throughout the six continents, the authors have found out that the more they photographed young children, the more they realized that “children respond to other children in an innocent, natural way … a powerful way that only they can wield.”

The book, They Laugh in My Language, is by design, deliberate in its attempt to admire the heights and depths of every snapshot—through prose and pictures, it’s a timeless love letter to one of the planet’s greatest gifts: its children. Across the splendid verses and vivid snapshots, widening awareness of being a kind and free-spirited individual unfolds. Readers will find great pleasure with the book as each page echoes a unique sound of laughter and soulful imagery.