You are currently viewing Embracing the Eternal Message of the Christmas Story by Stephen Ahokas: “La Historia de la Navidad Como Siempre Será Contada”

Embracing the Eternal Message of the Christmas Story by Stephen Ahokas: “La Historia de la Navidad Como Siempre Será Contada”

In January 2023, readers were first introduced to the heartwarming Christmas devotional entitled “The Christmas Story as It Will Be Forever Told: God’s Graphic Image of a Savior Who Would Die for His People” by Stephen S. Ahokas, DVM. This debut is all thanks to the efforts of ReadersMagnet, an independent publishing and book marketing company. Ahokas’ book received warm acceptance from readers worldwide, propelling it not only into a Spanish translation but also securing its place as an esteemed entry at the renowned Guadalajara International Book Fair, slated for November 24, 2023.

The pages of this book extends a warm invitation to readers, encouraging them to deepen their reverence for Jesus Christ not only during Advent and Lent but throughout the entire year. Ahoka’s primary goal in writing is to illuminate a profound perspective on the birth of Jesus Christ, as He is “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” 

The text was masterfully crafted with a poetic touch, seamlessly blending artistic expression with well-grounded research. His book also embraced a distinctive approach to devotional study, setting it apart. Numerous readers discovered his work to be engaging and relatable, far from being dull.

The chapters of this devotional also touch on the intricate relationship between the Old and New Testaments, skillfully examining Bible verses that narrate the story of Christ’s birth. Through Ahokas’ insightful interpretation, he conveys the profound message that Jesus was born as the Savior destined to sacrifice Himself for humanity. Drawing inspiration from Luke 2:6-19, which tells of a child born in a manger, Ahokas narrates about the angel’s proclamation to nearby shepherds, heralding the arrival of the Messiah. The shepherds’ witnessing of this extraordinary event leads them to spread the word about the birth of the most precious lamb ever born.

Ahokas shares how the Holy Spirit has guided him in mastering effective Bible study techniques, and he encourages readers to follow suit so they can deepen their faith and spiritual relationship. This Advent devotional is perfect for the upcoming Advent season as it serves as a guide for readers to prepare their hearts for Christmas. It can also be used for the succeeding Lent and even the quiet times in between the Liturgical Calendar. Dr. Ahokas passionately encourages anyone who takes time to read his book to share the profound significance of Christmas with their loved ones. Doing so will foster a sense of blessing and unity during this special time of year.