These Book Promotion Tools Can Help You Start Right Away

Promoting your book can be an exhausting feat, especially if you don’t have any clue yet on how to start. Note that your writing will just go to waste if you can’t market your book well. As a self-published author, it’s also your responsibility to find options you can try and practice. Try researching for the right tools and target market, and then very soon, you’ll be at the top among the pile of books. If you aren’t sure of what marketing tools to pick, here are the fastest and easiest way to market your book effectively.


Author Blog

Writing blogs can be a perfect strategy to promote your book. There are free-to-use website platforms you can take advantage (such as,,,, All you need is just to create an account. And most importantly, write and publish contents related to your book. Now, you can promote your author brand without spending any penny—also, put your best book reviews, blurbs, cover, and book events in your platform.

There are self-publishing services you can also pick that cater author website with different add-ons that can effectively work on promoting your book. Most of this package already have custom-made author branding that suits your needs as a first-time or veteran published author.

Book Reviews

Real reviews from real people matter a lot in book promotion. It’s an essential factor that adds up to an effective marketing for your book. Receiving positive reviews is one of the stepping stones for a successful book marketing. More readers will surely flock into your book when they’ve heard it has a lot of good feedback. You can visit different websites that offer reviews. Some will ask for a charge, but if you know a way to connect with your friend or colleagues in a Facebook Writing Community Page, then that’s better.

Amazon reviews are highly valuable because every amazon buyer and publisher can read them. Send some sample chapters and author bio, and get at least twenty reviews.


Expand your network through joining different communities in social media such as, Reddit, Facebook communities, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and more. There’s a lot of forums you can be part of related to your book. You can write comments and blogs; discover new friends and opportunities.


Book trailers can generate more views. Based on studies, more people watch online video content every day in U.S. alone. Sharing short 3-minute videos in YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook can be an affective way to accrue new readers. You can also include your book title and the link of your author website. Since video’s popularity is now growing rapidly, authors should create a book trailer for their manuscript to lure readers about their story.

Social Media

Digital marketing is the future of today’s marketer. The big three social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, are some of the most popular digital platforms that can showcase your book in a large audience. Make new friends in different writing community—there’s a lot in Facebook you can actually find.


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