The Release of Das Abenteuer mit My Blanky “Mylar”

Because of its popularity, the novel has now been translated into the German language by AEGA Design Publishing Ltd and was released on December 2020 with its primary objective of introducing this poignant book to the German community.  With the translation called Das Abenteuer mit My Blanky “Mylar” the publisher hopes to tap the rest of the European Union and the world. The story centers on a young boy called Juan, born and raised in a quaint country called Belize, near the South Pole. He lives only with his mom, with the whereabouts of his father unknown. He leads a simple lifestyle surrounded by a kind and caring community. But one Christmas morning, Juan’s life takes a radical transformation when he opens his mother’s gift. Though the present seems ordinary, the cozy blanket in his arms holds incredible powers. The moment this boy wraps it around himself, it whisks him away on a magical journey filled with wondrous exploits.

Das Abenteuer mit My Blanky “Mylar” receives numerous glowing recommendations from reviewers and readers. Many commend the author for writing a piece filled with so much enchantment and elegance. Most recommend this for parents who are looking to introduce their kids to the wonders of fairytales. Similarly, even adults shall be enamored by this whimsical book, as it reminds everyone that no one is ever too old to make childish fantasies and dreams come alive.

People will surely be amazed to realize they can go on an exciting adventure without ever leaving their homes. This mystical phenomenon is made possible thanks to Rev. Peter G. Vu’s popular book, The Adventure With My Blanky “Mylar.”


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