Believe and Realize Hope Springs Eternal with the Release of “God Says Yes 91 Times”

Anyone who has ever fervently prayed, but has not seen requests come to fruition will think that God is deaf. However, Mary Ardissone’s wonderfully poignant book, “God Says Yes 91 Times,” proves that God is very much alive and ardently listening to prayer requests. Sometimes, people are too wrapped up in negative emotions, so they do not see the ones that have been answered, even when it is right under their noses. The proof is often invisible to the naked eyes, but people can certainly feel it if they keep an open heart. To share this feeling with the rest of the world, UK Publisher called AEGA Design is releasing additional copies of this inspiring book.

This book is more than an inspirational read, but it’s a diary that allows readers to pen their thoughts to paper. A specific section at the end encourages the readers to write whatever they want. Include past requests that have been answered, along with future petitions. It gives readers freedom to express their feeling into words.

Old readers say that Mary Ardissone affirms the power of prayers works. People just don’t see the answer immediately. At times, unbeknownst to them, God has a much better plan in store. The act of writing can strengthen faith. Many attest this book a good mood-lifter because it reminds everyone to be thankful for blessings.

Moreover, the act of writing requests and documenting if they’ve been answered can hold people accountable. After all, prayer and faith alone cannot make things happen. As human beings with free will and wisdom, people need to work to make prayer requests a reality.

Mary Ardissone, a graphic artist and home healthcare worker, wrote this amidst depression, unemployment, and financial difficulty. Back then, she also questioned God. She challenged Him to remind her of her past answered prayers. Fortunately, He showed her, which moved her to change her life. This book was born out of the realization that if people cling to Him, hope will spring eternal for nothing is impossible with God. He will do amazing things for anyone who believes.

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A good mood-lifter
because it reminds everyone
to be thankful for blessings.


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