Killuminati by Ferdinand Regensburger - Pacific Book Award


Killuminati by Ferdinand Regensburger Wins Best Suspense Book in 2021 Pacific Book Awards.

Killuminati won as the best suspense book in the recently concluded 2021 Pacific Book Awards. After the book has been submitted for entry, Regensburger’s work has been acknowledged and received an outstanding reward from Pacific Book Review. Indeed, authors who believe in their stories will achieve great heights. Aega Design Publishing published a web press release for its milestone and can be read in


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All the winners of the Pacific Book Award from 2014 to 2021 can be found on their own site, among other entries in different categories who participated in the contest.

The Aega Family is truly proud of our author’s achievements as Killuminati won the Best Suspense among other entries submitted in the contest. Congratulations, once again, Ferdinand Regensburger for a well-deserved win for your wonderful and intriguing story. Along with the book’s popularity, it got astounding reviews from a different media outlet, and even book lovers want more of the story.

“A lengthy, engaging and memorable read… Killuminati is a truly remarkable and unique read that cannot be missed” -Pacific Book Review

“Reading this book [Killuminati] will make you feel as if you are part of the action in the book as it will keep your attention and draw you in … truly an engrossing read for all literary tastes.” -Hollywood Book Review

“This book can’t put you down. It is a roller coaster ride all the way through. – Independent Reader


Killuminati’ is a multi-layered story of vengeance, corruption, and humanity’s dark themes and feelings that will also show you how cyber-attack can unleash chaos in the world. Overall, it’s a book worth your time that interestingly builds and delivers surprise from beginning to end.

About the Book

A Lone Wolf terrorist named Sir William Watson was stripped of his enormous wealth by the long arm of the Illuminati because he wouldn’t submit to their demands. So, he takes revenge. Once one of the richest persons on the earth due to his monopoly on computer chip manufacturing company. But now, after losing ninety-nine percent of his Fortune, he decides to go on a rampage. Still magnificently rich by all means Sir William Watson teams up with his life-long sidekick whom he calls Hopkins and together they unleash a very powerful computer virus that affects almost every electronic device in the world. From there, a whole series of sinister events begin to occur which brings the whole world to a standstill

In the program of assault, Sir William and Hopkins unleash some major attacks on some of the more prominent alphabet police and security agencies that Watson had decided were the strongholds of the Luminati. Also, Watson holds the word hostage and threatens nuclear attacks on five different locations around the world unless the world leaders abide by his crazy random demands. A bumbling detective, Doug Faukker, comes into the picture when the Government agencies decide they must have a scapegoat to go along with their cover-up of the true narrative. Faukker’s mission is to try and find the terrorist.


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